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Brockville Class Descriptions

Aquafit — This total body conditioning class combines cardiovascular training with strength benefits using the water as resistance. It is taught with both shallow and deep water (suspended) options so you can choose which end of the pool is best for you!  Experience the benefits of water exercise with this low impact workout that is easier on the joints and allows for a gentle extension of your range of motion.

Chair Yoga — Experience the benefits of Yoga while seated in a chair or using the chair as a balance aid. This Yoga is ideal for those who have limited mobility, joint pain, loss of balance or are recovery from an injury and looking for a low-impact variation of Yoga.

Cyclefit — Train your cardiovascular system on the stationary bike. Join the instructor in a class that is music-driven to train endurance, get your heart pumping, and the legs moving. In a class, you will experience high-intensity drills, strength climbs and endurance rides, with the ability to do it all at a pace that suits you best.

Dance Fit — Explore cool dance moves and a great cardio workout while finding your groove while having fun!  This class explores a variety of rhythms, including Africa, Hip Hop, House, Latin and Pop!

Flow & Roll — This new restorative class combines elements of Yoga, Stretching and Foam Rolling to help you stretch and release any tension you may be carrying. Foam Rollers are provided, and you’re always welcome to bring your own.

Gentle Total Body (GTB) — Gentle Total Body is a total body workout using weights, bodyweight exercises and balance exercises. The focus is on low-impact, functional exercises that will help you improve or maintain your activities of daily living.

Low Impact — Join us for a total body workout that is easy on the joints. This class combines cardio training with weight training and balance/core conditioning. 

Sit Fit — This chair-based class offers the option of standing exercises, using the chair for balance. It is designed for those with limited mobility, balance concerns, or recovering from an injury. Naturally low-impact, it uses weights and bodyweight to improve and maintain functional fitness, aiding in activities of daily living. 

Skip Fit — Jump on in and great ready for a great cardio workout!  In this class, you jump rope for a cardio burn (don’t worry if you have two-left feet, it is a great workout even without the rope!) followed up with some muscular conditioning and stretching to get you stronger, faster and more confident with the rope!   Get ready to sweat and have fun!

Tabata — Get ready to sweat, with this higher intensity interval workout. Modifications are always provided, and execution of proper form is encouraged over speed. You’ll experience a combination of cardio based and strength-based exercises to challenge the entire body.

Turf Time — Join us in the functional Rig space for a total body conditioning workout that uses a variety of equipment and planes of movement to challenge you.  

Yoga — Allow yourself to relax and decompress in a Yoga class. Each instructor is unique in their practice, so try them all out to find the class that resonates best with you. The classes are based in Hatha style, and modifications can be provided to make each class appropriate for your own personal level. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Zumba/Zumba Gold — Dance your way to fun and fitness. This is a choreographed, fun class that uses upbeat music to keep you motivated, moving and grooving. The Gold class offers a lower impact version that’s high energy and motivating.