YMCA of Eastern Ontario

Building healthy communities

How to:

Swap out the background image within the Poster template

Pre Office 365

  1. Select the photo and press delete on your keyboard
  2. Click on the insert drop down menu > pictures > picture from file
  3. Choose your photo from wherever you have it saved (this will break the layout temporarily)
  4. To fix it, right click on the photo > size and position
  5. Select the Text Wrapping tab at the top of the window
  6. Select Behind Text
  7. Right click on photo > Send to BackSend to Back
  8. Click and drag the corners of the photo to resize the photo to larger than the document size. Fill it right up!
  9. Click and hold on the image to reposition the crop as you see fit
  10. Be sure to adjust the colour of your text and other elements accordingly

If you are an Office 365 user, your life is much easier

  1. Right click on photo > Change Picture > From a File