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Office 365 Templates

I have uploaded the Red Letterhead, White Letterhead and Notice templates to the following Sharepoint Sites:

  • KNG
  • Association
  • FIT
  • General x2 (there are currently 2 sites called General)
  • SLT
  • MarCom
  • AQ
  • MEM

How to use an online template

  • From any folder within a YMCA Sharepoint Site, select the +NEW button to reveal the New Document options. If the desired template is listed here (Letterhead_Red, Letterhead_White or Notice), you may select it to create a new document using that template’s settings.

How to use a template

image showing template open

Note: when a template file is open, background images will not show – the document will appear blank. Rest assured that they WILL print. You can see that they are there in the print preview window before printing. For whatever reason, Word will not show you these images in the browser window.

If you DO NOT see any template options within the SharePoint Site New Document drop down menu, then you will need click on the images below to download each file, then continue down to further instruction.

red letterhead white letterheadnotice

Note: There is a distinct difference between online and offline template files. If you have Word as an app directly on your computer, download the files at the bottom of this page.

How to upload the online template files

  • When on a Sharepoint Site or in a folder, to upload the template files for use simply select the +NEW button to reveal the New Document options and select +Add Template. 

  • Locate the template files that you have downloaded.

  • The uploaded templates should now be available to you in the +NEW drop down menu.

Offline template files

For (Office 365) Word desktop application use (.dotx)
For (older) Word desktop application use (.dot)

If you run in to any trouble or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at mcinnis.maceachern@eo.ymca.ca