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Navigating fatigue and frustration Rob's Blog

Dear Members:

As we all navigate the choppy waters of the continually evolving pandemic, I am reaching out to you directly with a particular concern that has arisen – a message that it pains me to have to send.

We have had a growing number of incidents of members berating our front desk and other staff for enforcing mandated Covid protocols such as carrying out active health screening when you arrive.

Effective today, Kingston members will see a new public health screening questionnaire as announced by KFLA Public Health this afternoon. It is available here, if you wish to read it. Undoubtedly, questionnaires and other health requirements will continue to change across our region.

While we work closely with public health units to maintain safety to the highest degree possible, these rules from public health and/or the provincial government are not optional. They are required of us so we may keep our doors open to continue to serve you.

Our staff are not only doing what is required of them but must continue to do so.

I understand that it is exhausting and frustrating to bear through this long-lasting pandemic. Our staff are tired too.

With staff shortages across most sectors of employment, it bears noting that our employees have chosen to work – they are the ones showing up every day to provide service – and, frankly, they deserve better.

There will be zero tolerance for aggression towards anyone at the Y, including our employees. We have already taken action in this regard and will not hesitate to do so if needed. It is my sincere hope that it will not be necessary.

I believe in the values of the Y that include respect and I know that the vast majority of you do as well, and will help us to maintain an environment where everyone feels welcome and secure. We all have an important part to play in this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message and for your patience as we move through Covid together.



Rob Adams
CEO, YMCA of Eastern Ontario