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Good Morning All:

I shared with colleagues this week that it seemed every day has felt like a week and I’m sure that rings true for some of you, if not for all of you.

Despite that, our Y team has been simply remarkable with their understanding and unwavering support of the YMCA. It has been very humbling for me to observe.

I am so very proud of the work that they have done to prepare us for the future, which, at the moment, means taking a step back from our usual duties so that we, our members, our families, our communities are safe. Doing the right thing, though, isn’t always the same as doing the easy thing.

Yet no one has complained and I’ve been amazed by the messages I've received from some of our employees, offering to help where they can and asking how they can volunteer and continue to serve our communities – to help people get through this. Because of this desire to help, I’ve let them know that a "call to arms" is coming and we be there for our community. It's in our DNA – it's why the Y!

I’ve heard stories of staff delivering food to members who are struggling; staff reaching out to each other to make sure that everyone stays connected and feels cared for; and some who are even helping our members online by creating workouts that our followers can do at home to stay active while they are social distancing.

While we are hearing negative stories in the media about hoarding and a general lack of kindness, our staff has been going about just being themselves and, in doing that, showing real compassion for those around them. 

A big thanks to my team for this spirit of giving and a true demonstration of Y values. I know that we will get through this together.

This is "Y" it is an honour to be by their side.