YMCA of Eastern Ontario

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Personal Trainers

Tracy Vallier

Fitness Center Team Lead, Kingston

    •    YMCA Certified Personal Trainer
    •    YMCA Certified Group Strength and Resistance
    •    YMCA Certified Group Core and Strength
    •    YMCA Certified Group Choreography

Training specialties
    •    Functional fitness
    •    Strength conditioning
    •    Endurance conditioning
    •    Cardiovascular conditioning
    •    Core stability   

Tracy is on a competitive jump rope team and was provincial champion in 2018. She believes in living an active lifestyle and loves doing so with her family. A quote that inspire her: “Don’t be a prisoner of your circumstances, shine in spite of your circumstances.”    

Hellen Bennett

Personal Trainer, Kingston

    •    Fitness and Health Promotions – St. Lawrence College
    •    Ontario Fitness Council  
    •    Personal Trainer
    •    Group Fitness Instructor
    •    Canadian Fitness Professional – Health & Wellness Coach
    •    Lifesaving Society – CPR-C & First Aid
    •    National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
    •    Fundamental Movement Coaching
    •    YMCA – Cycle Fit Certification
    •    Yoga Alliance  

Training Specialties
    •    Strength and Core Conditioning
    •    Cycle Fit
    •    Nutritional Counselling

Hellen has participated in fitness and strength training for most of her life. She believes it is of great importance to maintain a strong body for life. Hellen is outwardly energetic and enthusiastic; she encourages others to live a healthy, active life. Hellen believes that small, sustainable changes are the way to go.  Her inspiring quote: “You are in control of your fitness; starting today you can only move forward, I can help you get there.”

Michael Smith

Personal Trainer, Kingston

    •    MSc (Biology: Simon Fraser University)
    •    International Sports Science Association
    •    Strength & Conditioning Trainer
    •    Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
    •    Corrective Exercise Specialist

Training specialties
    •    Strength training
    •    Conditioning/high-intensity work
    •    Core strength
    •    Sport-specific training
    •    Weight loss and control
    •    Body-weight training
    •    Corrective exercise

Mike is a true believer in total fitness. He believes that he doesn’t need to be great at anything, but he wants to be good at everything. This philosophy allows him to enjoy any activity he wants to do outside the gym.  He trains muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility, speed and flexibility. Efficiency with this training allows him to achieve great results in about four hours of hard work per week. Mike is inspired by members who understand what it takes to achieve long-term health and fitness and change their lifestyles to match their goals.

Eric Felleiter

Personal Trainer, Kingston

    •    YMCA Group Fitness
    •    YMCA Cyclefit
    •    YMCA Personal Trainer
    •    Urban Poling

Training specialties
    •    Bootcamps
    •    HIIT and other interval style classes with random elements
    •    Spin classes with strength elements
    •    Strength classes

Before becoming a personal trainer, Eric worked as a press operator and a programmer for promotions and production companies. During that time, he was always active cycling, downhill and cross-country skiing, lifting, canoeing, basketball, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and more. Eric believes that if you want to be fit in your future, the best time to start is now. He is inspired by people who test their limits and attain their goals.