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Send a Kid to Camp

“My daughter has had a wonderful time making friends and being active in this YMCA summer camp. She gives everyone a hug on leaving each day which shows the love and care she is receiving.”

Help children blossom.

Last year, your generous donations helped 469 kids get to summer camp – kids who otherwise would not have had this experience.

And this camp experience makes a difference, particularly following the Covid closures. After two years of intermittent on-line learning, limited organized physical activity, too much screen time and lack of playtime with their friends, our children need summer camp more than ever. Time at camp is a powerful, life-enriching experience. Learning, memories and friendships are formed at camp, helping to positively shape children’s lives.

But your gift goes beyond camp games. We now see more children struggling to cope with re-integrating into social situations and the mentorship they receive from camp staff helps them make the transition to healthy interactions and meet new friends.

We’ve had kids tell us that they are excited to come to camp because they can hang out with friends and not get into trouble; at one of our camps where a meal is provided, we’ve heard that for some, it is their first meal of the day.

Parents and guardians have also told us how much they love YMCA summer camps. 

“I have custody of my two grand daughters. They went to the YMCA camp. They loved it. They wish they could go every day of the week. It is an awesome program for any child. They are looking forward to returning for one more week. The staff were very friendly and always greeted us with a smile and good morning. Thank you for giving my girls the experience.”

Your gift helps the most vulnerable children in our communities to not only have fun, but to gain the important foundations that set them up for future successes at school and at play. 

While there have been a number of studies on the “summer learning slide” (a phenomenon that disproportionately affects youth living with lower income) what isn’t as well known is that the social and emotional aspects of summer learning are every bit as important as academic support in student success. 

We see so many children blossom over their time at camp. The YMCA provides a safe, welcoming, respectful environment where children make new friends, gain new skills, and learn positive behaviours from counsellors who become their role models. 

Your gift helps be providing memories and foundations that last a lifetime.




$230 = 1 kid
$460 = 2 kids
$690 = 3 kids




Amy Kirkland