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Confirmed Covid Cases

Dear Members:

I am writing to inform you that there is a confirmed Covid-positive case at Wright Crescent childcare and at a spin class at the Brockville YMCA.

In response to the Kingston YMCA case, we have closed areas within our childcare centre with some expected to re-open on Monday. No other area of Kingston Y is affected. Any Covid-related questions can be directed to KFLA Public Health at: 613-549-1232.

For the Brockville YMCA case, the contact was limited to the spin class on November 11 from 8:45 to 9:30 a.m. The class was on the second floor, an area that is isolated from the rest of the facility. The LGL Health Unit has assessed the risk to those in the class as high and we are reaching out to everyone in the class today; public health will also contact class participants directly. Public health has assessed the risk to others in the facility, but not in the class, as low. Public health asks that anyone with questions contact them directly at: 613-345-5685.

While everyone accessing our facilities must show their vaccination passport (proof of full vaccination), Covid-19 continues to be a risk in our communities. Following all health protocols such as maintaining distancing, wearing a mask, thorough hand-washing and getting a booster shot, if you are eligible, are critical in combatting the virus.

Anyone showing symptoms of Covid should self-isolate and arrange testing through your public health unit.

As you know, we have always operated with the utmost consideration for the health and safety of everyone in our programs and our facilities, and have taken immediate action, ahead of public health directives.

We are following all public health requirements and will provide all information as it becomes available to us.


Rob Adams,
CEO, YMCA of Eastern Ontario