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Updated Covid Protocols FAQ November 2021

November 2021 Covid-19 FAQ


Does the YMCA require vaccination passports for access?

Yes. Under provincial regulation, the YMCA requires everyone accessing our facilities and programs to show proof of full vaccination.

Is the health screening questionnaire still needed?

Yes. You must check in at the front desk to complete the questionnaire with YMCA staff.

Are masks still required?

Yes. Masks are required at all times when you are not actively working out. In the pool area, masks are required until you enter the pool. We recommend bringing a ziplock bag to store your mask at the pool’s edge while you swim.

Have capacity limits increased?

Yes. The province has lifted capacity limits.

Are there limits to the number of swimmers in lane swims?

Limits have been lifted, however, in lanes with three or more swimmers, circle swimming must be maintained. Please be sure that each day, before entering the pool, you select the lane that best suits your swimming speed.

It is still necessary to maintain 6’ or 3m distance between people?

Social distancing limits have also been removed by the province. We ask, however, that you respect each other’s personal space as not everyone is comfortable with being close.

Is the Monday to Friday 1-3 pm closure still in effect?

Yes. The mid-day closure is in effect for the time being. We are monitoring space usage and will consider re-opening during this time as the pandemic stabilizes and membership usage warrants.

Do I still need to sanitize equipment and machines before and after use?

Yes. Covid protocols for sanitizing remain in place.