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Possible Provincial Closure Announcement Impact on membership fees

Dear Members:

As you may have heard in the media, there is a possibility that the province may announce its third pandemic closure by the weekend.

Keeping in mind that tomorrow is April 1, when membership fees are withdrawn, we will be postponing this withdrawal to hear the provincial announcement.

One of two scenarios may happen.

  1. The first is that there is no closure. In this case, your usual monthly fee will be automatically withdrawn on Tuesday, April 5.
  2. If a closure is announced, your membership fee will be placed on hold until we re-open. At that time, your fees will automatically re-commence.

If you are feeling frustrated by the turmoil of the past year, I understand. It has been challenging for us all.

You have heard me say many times that your safety and the safety of our staff, volunteers and the children in our care has remained paramount for us in every decision we have made. We are committed to offering our programs and services to our community; we understand the importance that physical activity has on our mental and overall wellbeing.

There is, however, a delicate balance in ensuring the safety of everyone in our facility and the financial viability of our Y into the future. Right now, maintaining your Y membership and providing support to help us continue to serve you is more important than ever. Please consider – as many of you have in the past – donating your Y membership during a closure and, if you are in a position to give to your Y, visiting our website to donate.

On behalf of your YMCA team, I think you for your continued support of your Y.


Rob Adams
CEO, YMCA of Eastern Ontario