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Rob's Blog The Week that Flew

First off... I told you all the Chiefs would win the Super Bowl even our board chair owed me five bucks because of the win! The junk food was delicious, and Declan is still bragging how he won this year's Adams Family Super Bowl Pool. (We pay him in candy.) 

Is it me, or did this just week fly by? Monday and Tuesday were filled by meetings with staff, donors, previous board chairs, community partners and community leaders. All were so productive and energizing. One of those early meetings resonated with me all week and is still running through my brain – the one I had with Kingston Police Chief McNeely and a few of her leadership team. You know what gang? We do great work; we really do. No question about it – we are game changers. But we need to challenge ourselves a bit more on how we get into the most underserved areas of our communities. In talking with Chief McNeely, there is a place for an increased YMCA presence. Let's start reaching out to see what we find.

The governance committee interviewed some great potential new board members. Each comes with their own qualities that would add to an already well-rounded board skills set. On Wednesday, the senior team had a budget review meeting, and I participated in a poverty reduction town hall. Yesterday, I continued to assist with new board member interviews and Jill MacDonald and I had a great meeting with Providence Manor and their architects, going over design options for our potential new childcare centre. Jill added such great insight to ideas for layout.  

Tomorrow, I'm spending time on the Kingston YMCA pool deck both as a dad and CEO cheering on Declan while he competes with his Upper Canada River Otters teammates (Go River Otters GO!!) and at our Y Penguins swim meet. And of COURSE, GO PENGUINS GO!! I'm loyal to all my teams.

Finally, I want to congratulate and thank everyone for how you are managing through the school labour discussions. Each of you are being patient, understanding, and supportive throughout this. It's not easy to navigate through, and for some of you I know it is having a personal impact as well. I thank you for your professionalism. Although space is limited, starting next week alternate care will be offered at both Kingston and Brockville YMCA locations. Thanks to the team who coordinated this as well!

Next Week.

  • Saturday - Kingston, Providence Village Community Conversation
  • Monday - Kingston, Kingston Gets Active meeting, Youth Advisory meeting
  • Tuesday - Kingston, Senior Team meeting
  • Wednesday - Kingston, Donor Stewardship meetings, Providence Village meeting
  • Thursday - Brockville, Connect Youth MOU signing
  • Friday - Brockville (ROB: DON'T FORGET IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!)    

Cheers everyone,